The Brackenhill Stud Team

Our highly experienced team bring a wealth of equine knowledge and competition experience.


At Brackenhill, we use this experience to create a livery yard that caters to the needs of the individual horse and their rider.

Our focus on high standards of care and wellbeing ensures each horse is relaxed, happy and able to reach their potential. 


Growing up on a farm and livery stables in South Devon, Emma has been riding for as long as she could walk.  She spent her early years with the South Devon Moorland Pony Club and represented them numerous times in Showjumping, Eventing and Tetrathlon, successfully competing at the Pony Club Championships on 6 occasions.


Emma is a keen competitor and has produced horses up to BE Novice as well as showjumping up to Fox. Her passion has always been in bringing on youngsters and retraining problem & ex-racehorses.


Emma has a 1st Class Hons Degree in Animal Science from the University of Reading and produced a thesis on Stress and Performance in Event Horses.

Her professional life has been spent working as a scientist and later a Diagnostic consultant for the global leader in veterinary technology and care industry.


Emma is a BHS Accredited Professional Coach and holds a full HGV license so is happy to help with logistics where necessary.




Full Time



Maisie started riding at the age of 9 and when she was 12 years old she began helping out at her local riding school.  She had the opportunity to loan Boysie and began showjumping.  They went on to win Junior Royale Rider of the Year at Hall Place Equestrian Centre. When Boysie unfortunately had to be sold, Maisie brought 'Blackie' back into work after having 8 years off and competed her.

Maisie worked on showjumping yard for a summer, and then went back to working at the riding school for a further 2 years.  She joined the team at Brackenhill in 2019 after achieving her A Levels.  She is an extremely talented artist and in her spare time produces fantastic portraits of our beautiful horses. 

Whilst at Brackenhill, Maisie has so far completed her First Aid Qualification, her BHS Stage 1, and is currently working towards her Stage 2.






Wiola lives on site and is happy to teach the liveries at Brackenhill Stud either in form of one off lessons or riders can join her coaching programme: Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy.


She has one horse at Brackenhill, a TBxNF gelding Leo whom she inherited from a friend who lost her battle with cancer.

To learn more about Wiola, her training approach and coaching Academy please visit:




Part Time


Martha found her passion with horses whilst spending a year working at Blewbury Equestrian Centre.  It was during this time she partnered up with Beano who she competed for 2 years at 80/90cm show jumping, cross country and local dressage.


She has had a number of project horses who she loved bringing on during the summer holidays, finding it incredibly rewarding.

Martha is a member of the OBHPC and is working her way through the Pony Club tests, hoping to complete her C+ and B tests 




Nicole began riding when she was 3 years old.  Having fallen in love with horses, she was gifted with her beloved mare Millie at the age of 11.  Nicole went on to study Animal Management at college whilst competing Millie.  Having attained a D*D*D* at college, she went on to build a career in the equine industry.

Nicole became our Yard Manager in January 2019 after 2 years of working at Brackenhill as a groom.  Nicole has a fantastic work ethic and strives for both client and equine satisfaction at all times.

During her time at Brackenhill Stud, Nicole has completed her first aid qualification and BHS Stages 1 and 2.




Part Time Groom

Becky joined our team at Brackenhill in May 2020 after moving to Hambleden from Cheshire.  She has been riding since she was just 10 years old.


Having loved the outdoors, Becky pursued a job in the racing industry. After completing a three month training course, she began working with racehorses at Ben Pauling Racing and was there for 3 years.  Whilst in this position, Becky achieved her Level 2 and Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Horse Care and Management as well as Racehorse Care, Levels 1-3.  She particularly enjoyed the travelling aspect that came with working in the racing industry.


Having sustained a few injuries in her previous job, Becky joined us at Brackenhill to enjoy the ‘quieter’ side of horses.





Part Time



Georgie has been riding most of her life and was gifted her first pony at just 10 years old!


She was a member of the Pony Club for roughly 10 years whilst also competing regularly. Having bought her horse, Leila in 2012 when she was just four years old, Georgie became a livery and a member of staff here in 2014.


Georgie is currently studying an Art Degree so both her and Leila are just enjoying hacking and the odd lesson or clinic.






Part Time



Katie started riding at the age of 11 when on holiday in Scotland, having fallen in love with riding she began helping out at a local riding school for a further four years.


Katie joined the team at Brackenhill in April 2017 while studying her A-levels at The Henley College. After graduating college, Katie joined us as a full time member of staff whilst on a ‘gap year’. During her year of full time work Katie successfully completed her BHS Stage 1, as well as creating a loving bond with ex-racehorse Ferris who she regularly competed at our Dressage series.


In September 2019 Katie began her Computing studies at Oxford Brookes University, but remains with us part time. Katie won our Groom of The Year award in December 2019 and again in 2021.