We offer a range of different livery services here at Brackenhill, and will cater to each individual as necessary.

Part Livery

Our part livery service includes:

Turning out/Bringing in

Washing and picking out feet

Rug Changes

Ad-lib hay/haylage

Full daily muckout



Full Livery

Our full livery service includes all our part livery services as well as:

Exercising horse up to 4 times a week

Tack Cleaned after we ride

Full Groom

Brush off

Breaking and Schooling Livery

Our breaking and schooling livery includes all services within full livery. Each horse will be on an individual plan which will be created to best suit them. 

Bespoke rehabilitation services available:

Post injury recovery

Ex-racehorse re-training

Groundwork for performance improvement

Groundwork in consultation with your vet or physio to assist with conditions like - severe crookedness

- 'kissing spine'

- muscle atrophy

- faulty biomechanics

Behavioral issues considered

Our methods are based on developing healthy movement, without the use of force or gadgets